Reject Rejection

There is no such thing as rejection —
only unfortunate people who do not yet understood our greatness.

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Wisdom is what we gain when we realize we are not quite as brilliant as we previously thought we were.

or, put another way: Wisdom is what we get when we do something dumb enough to remind ourselves that we are not that wise. We only get to keep the wisdom if we remember how dumb we can be.

Choose This or Greater

There may be challenges, failures, fear, and pain, but I am the only one who decides if I am okay today.


Authenticity is the art of actively presenting who we truly are, rather than simply representing who we think we should be.


Leadership is the ability to
envision unique possibilities,
communicate ideas, &
inspire others toward action.


There is more to learn than we shall ever know, yet if we fail to observe and listen, all we might be surprised to discover in the end, that we know almost nothing at all.

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