Brave New World

I was invited to design projections for a stage production of Aldous Huxley’s 1931 distopic novel, “Brave New World”. This video features some edits of those clips—combined with a piece of my original music from a few years back.

Design included branding for the World State, conditioning messages, ads for SOMA, scenery, and other elements—presenting a world where humans are cultivated in bottles, conditioned from birth to fulfill their societal roles, have fun, be promiscuous, consume vigorously, and be happy all the time, and to not think, for the stability of society.

(Created with Photoshop and After Effects. Performance at Palomar College, Fall 2017. Adapted by David Rogers. Directed by Michael Mufson.)  

Branding for the World State was the “T”— derived from Ford’s Model T—an evolution from the Christian cross—where the religion but social order. The T—toggling between religious icon and corporate-authoritarian branding for productivity and the foundation of society.
SOMA regulates feelings—all the good effects without the consequences—so “Everyone is Happy Nowadays” and drugs and alcohol are in the past. Relationships are simply about sex, so life is uncomplicated—allegedly.

Stills from the show: