Design is about connecting people with ideas.

It’s about creating experiences—not just making things look good. The senses can be tantalized with words, images, sound, and touch to tell stories that elicit an emotional response, engagement, connection, and action.

For me, that connects to more than the client or end user, but to the all systems running smoothly in the development of new things. That includes information, communication, and people. My focus is Integrated Design—melding creativity, technology, information, and available resources, shaped with elegance, beauty, humor, and clarity, to solve problems that optimize:

  • User Experience
  • Client Success
  • Team Collaboration
  • Efficient Development Cycles
  • Continuous Improvement

Simply, I make things look good, and make them work.


  • Extraordinary coupling of creativity and technical expertise.
  • Extensive expertise in illustration and design for web, print, and other media.
  • Expert in Adobe CS for design, illustration, and multimedia
  • Expert MS Office and database development skills to manage information
  • Strong written and verbal communications.
  • Hand coding responsive HTML5/CSS3 websites
  • Extensive WordPress experience.
  • Familiarity with PHP, JS, jQuery
  • Self-motivated individual, as well as in collaboration with clients, vendors, and cross-functional teams.
  • Experience in a wide variety of industries including sporting goods, medical, biotech, hospitality, real-estate, non-profits, arts and entertainment.
  • Developed systems allowing sustained coordination of over 40-80 concurrent design programs, delivered on-time.




It’s not just about the end user for me, but how to improve the process and communications along the way.

Technology must be able to perform over time.