Engaging Hearts & Minds
Through the Art of Design

Form, Feel, & Function

Website & UI Design

Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment Branding & Messaging Custom Website Design WordPress Customization Content Development, Information Architecture User Interaction / User Experience Site Makeovers and Upgrades Maintenance, Support, Troubleshooting LeapToSuccess.org Branding and website design and development for non-profit that empowers women rebuilding their lives from domestic violence and homelessness. Visit Site DHM Music Design Website Redesign […]

Abstracts and Textures

TechnoOrganica: Digital textures and abstracts created with Adobe Photoshop, Decosketch.

Fine Art Illustration

Photos: Birds

CSS Illustration

Every element in this illustration was hand-coded with HTML & CSS! The logical way to create an image like this would be using Adobe Illustrator and, perhaps, Photoshop. However, I often choose illogical paths for the creativity spawned by pushing tools to their limits. I do this mostly for fun, partly for the sake of learning, […]


© Greg Klamt

CD Packaging

A small sampling of packaging and posters I created for the music industry


Reject Rejection

There is no such thing as rejection — only unfortunate people who do not yet understood our greatness. … [More...]


Wisdom is what we gain when we realize we are not quite as brilliant as we previously thought we were. or, put another way: … [More...]

Choose This or Greater

There may be challenges, failures, fear, and pain, but I am the only one who decides if I am okay today. … [More...]


Authenticity is the art of actively presenting who we truly are, rather than simply representing who we think we should be. … [More...]


Leadership is the ability to envision unique possibilities, communicate ideas, & inspire others toward action. … [More...]


There is more to learn than we shall ever know, yet if we fail to observe and listen, all we might be surprised to discover in the … [More...]